The Funniest and / or Scariest Man I Know

On the Weight Watchers program, I am allowed a certain number of points per day (the points are calculated using the calories, fat, and fiber of each particular food). Yesterday Nate asked me how it was going, and I told him that on most days I have points to spare. Over the next several minutes he spouted the following quips:

You're the points queen.

If you were a dog, you'd be a pointer.

If you were a basketball player, you'd be the point-guard.

If you were an artist, you'd be a pointillist. And you'd be experimenting with point of view.

Later that evening, he left to fulfill a requirement for Simon's preschool. There is a large, not-for-profit haunted house in town, and participation in said haunted house is the single biggest (and the only mandatory) fundraiser for the school. This being his first time, I thought he might work the ticket booth or flip light switches or something else totally behind the scenes.

Instead, he came home looking like this:

The crazy thing is, with all the work that appears to have gone into this makeup, he said the part he played was minimal. Next time he wants to volunteer for a more extensive acting role. Stay tuned next week for pictures possibly even more terrifying than these.

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Colin Hughes Taylor said...

good lord that's creepy.