Not long after we moved to this new place, we discovered that we had some neighbors across the street who were noisy. Very noisy. We started referring to them as "the lovers of all things loud." I think I once mentioned their demolition derby car, which they liked to bang on with a large sledgehammer. In addition to the car-pounding, one of their sons had a business setting up bumping car stereos, and this same dude enjoyed playing with an extraordinarily loud remote control car on the side walk. I tried not to be too bothered by these noise-loving neighbors... sure, I had visions of my baby waking up screaming from his naps, disturbed by a thumping bass test or a whining toy car. And, yes, just thinking about their stupid demolition derby preparations waking up my baby was enough to raise my blood pressure and make my cheeks flush in anger. But there was nothing I could do to change the situation. Best just to try to forget about it.

About a week ago we noticed them loading up a pick-up truck. It appeared they might be moving. Could our luck be so good? Throughout the week they continued to slowly empty out the house. After about the 7th load went into the truck, we were convinced: they were really leaving!

The last time they were at the house, they left this massive pile of garbage in the yard. The view from our north-facing windows featured this tableau all week, until this morning when the city took care of the mess.

It took 5 husky gentlemen, a tractor, and a dump truck to clean it up. Thanks, guys. That's much better. We're going to enjoy our relative peace and quiet.

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MJ Watson said...

All I can say is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I cannot get over just how amazingly gorgeous your children are. That, and what an incredible representation of their parents--I see so much of both of you in them. Wow.