Wednesday *LOVE* List

-Simon has started to watch and enjoy Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. I love the songs, I love the gentleness, and I love the trolley, of course. It's a show that really evokes memories of my own childhood, along with Sesame Street. Sesame Street seems to change and evolve with the times, but Mr. Rogers doesn't. It's always sometime in the 1970's there; today Mr. Rodgers visited the set of the Incredible Hulk to show kids that it's all make-believe, akin to his famous neighborhood. It is such a good feeling to know you're alive.

-And it came to pass that in her 25th year, Laura discovered curry. And, lo, it was good.
I have no idea how I missed out on this for so long. I am now a woman obsessed with curry. It can't be too spicy right now, because I am a walking milk jug, you know. But a mild curry is just as delicious as a spicy one. So easy, too. Mmmmm.

-I used to feel some embarrassment over the fact that all I ever read anymore are parenting books. But I've gotten over that. My favorite history professor might shake his head in dismay, but parenting books are what I need right now. And the advice found in this particular gem is getting me through each day. When I am focused on my parenting, every day goes so much smoother. Little battles turn into little experiments, in which I test my new tricks of the trade. I've come to the conclusion that, as a mother, love is not enough; you need tools and skills. And me? Well, thanks to this book, I got mad skillz.

I guess this is a short list. Also, it's almost Thursday now.
I shall away to bed, where I will dream of moving to Spain.

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