Thursday Morning Picture Post

At the now infamous Taylor-Seeley-Hartrich breakfast, I tried, unsuccessfully, to describe this little seat. I thought some clearer pictures would help. It's supposed to help babies learn to sit, I guess, through its supportive structure. Theo really likes it, but not for too long. His little body still gets worn out rather quickly. Overall, the effect of this chair (besides extreme cuteness) is to make babies look older than they actually are, causing parents worldwide to lament the swift passage of time.
Our Halloween was big fun. We had a pumpkin...

...and a cowboy. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but Simon's legs are inside the two rear horsey legs. So he's really half-cowboy, half-horse. Sort of a wild-west variation on a centaur.

His costume was a big hit, and Theo also looked cute as a button, though he was seen only by the family. No gallivanting about in 30 degree weather for him.

We traveled over to the grandparents' houses so the boys could be ogled, first to my parents' and then to Nate's, where we spent the night.

At first Simon wasn't keen on the idea of trick-or-treating. But I think he changed his mind once he saw all the hubbub in the neighborhood. He's always been one to want to do whatever the big kids are doing, and this was no exception.

Once we got out there, he had a fabulous time. We tried to coach him on the proper things to say, first "Trick or Treat," then "Thank you." Most of the time he got too excited to get it quite right. Sometimes he would flip the order. Other times, after he got his candy, we would prompt,"What do you say, Simon?" And he would yell, "ANOTHER ONE!!! ANOTHER HOUSE!!!"

I have heard tales of children who systematically organize and save their Halloween candy, making last until next month or next year, depending on the size of their haul. I was not one of these children. Instead, I'd usually empty my huge bag in a day or two. Time has not changed me, and last night I couldn't keep my hands out of my son's stash. I went to bed with a guilty-conscience and mild heartburn from all the chocolate.

[Insert wry closing comment here.]

I put a lot of pressure on myself to end each post with something quite witty. I don't know how successful I am. Anyway, this morning I don't have time to try. You understand.

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