Tutorial: Making Fabulous Framed Prints Using Your Child's Art

I shocked myself by bringing one of my ideas to fruition this afternoon. I guess I'm not all talk! I really like how these turned out, and Simon will be proud to give them as gifts to his grandparents and teachers.

What you need:
-cheap frames. I got these 50% off at Hobby Lobby.
-mats, pre-cut to fit your frames. These are also from Hobby Lobby, about $1.50 a piece.
-wildly abstract paintings done by your child (or art in another medium)

Grab your mat and move it all around the paper until a pleasing composition strikes your eye.

Then, simply trace around the mat lightly with pencil, and use scissors to cut out your selection.

Now all you need to do is put the mat and the painting in the frame. An optional final touch is to "sign" your child's name. Turn the piece around in your hand, studying it intensely, until you decide on the most pleasing orientation. Write your child's name in small print in the lower right hand corner. I also added the year (SIMON '06).

Again, I think these are so cute. I may be biased as the artist's mother, but I really think that grandparents and teachers will love these. Perfect for the office, the windowsill, or, what the hell, above the mantel.

One idea down, sixty-three to go.


Oliver said...

truely wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Step by step instructions with pictures! Heaven. Thanks so much.
Best wishes [craft challenged person]

Greg said...

Very nice. I've been thinking about doing something similar with my boys' pictures and you've inspired me.


Tiffany said...

Another craft challenged person adding my thanks for this simplified project!

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Thanks for the great idea, my daughters grand parents will love the framed art!

Tru said...

My boyfriend and I are getting a new two bedroom apartment. One bedroom will be a part-time room for his kids. I'd been thinking about doing something like this in that room. This is perfect!

Rich said...

I always loved my children's art more than anything in the MET. I created a product, the Kids Art Frame which allows a parent to create,frame,decorate and store your childs artwork all in one frame. They are sold on the web at http://www.owowtoys.com. A 40 pg pad of paper stores in the back of the frme so you always have the right size paper for the frame. You can use standard 8 1/2 x11 paper to replace the pad. We created our own kids museum and though my kids are 17 and 15 now,we love to go back and look and change their artwork out in the frames.