The reindeer remind me of the range/ The icicles remind me of the rings

I was going to do a post about Thurs. night/Fri. morning, one of the most frustrating days of my life, but instead I'm going to post this new mix that I recorded... just shy of 40 minutes of all Christmas music. We're big Christmas music listeners around here. I'm a recent convert, Laura more of a veteran. Every song is Laura approved with the exception of one. (Hint: she's not a big fan of using belching as an instrument.) Download:

Christmas Snow Plow 2006 Mix


Oliver said...

Thank you for the quite original xmas snowplow mix of 2006. I'll hafta listen out for those belches. LOL

snokilla said...

is where your tinsel at on this mix?
remember that little gem?

Angela said...

By the lack of bloggin, me thinks Laura must be an embroidery queen by now. Be sure to use a thimble!