All is Quiet

I love to spend a winter day inside with my family, never leaving the house, lounging around and tackling small projects. This New Year's Day was exactly such a day.

As we stumbled sleepily up to bed last night at 12:04 am, I declared that we had two goals for the next day: Nate was to put together some shelves in the basement, and I was to supply our bed with clean sheets. To my shock and great pleasure, we had both of these things done before 10 am. We went on to clean up many little messes, make brownies, take naps, and watch Lassie. I don't even like dogs, and that movie had me misty-eyed for two hours straight. Anyway, I am happy to start the year with the house a little more in order, a trend I can only hope will continue in 2007.

So many goals for this coming year. I want to read more, craft more, take more video of my boys, figure out who the hell I am and what the hell I believe about life, death, god, etc. Those don't sound too lofty, do they? Well, I'll just have to do what I can, realizing the same goals will probably make it back onto the list next year.

I have one other goal: to go to bed at a reasonable time, instead of staying up for hours after Nate leaves for work. And that is what I am going to do right now.

Happy New Year!


Banana Mama said...

If anyone can make significant progress in figuring out life, death, and God in one year it's you. Your New Year's Day sounds wonderful, and I think you'll be amazed what a difference more sleep makes. It takes the crust off your brain. The crust that you didn't even realize was there because you were so tired.

MJ Watson said...

That is a fantastic idea! Please let me know how goes it with the figuring out of self identity, God, life and all the rest. These are things which greatly interest me of course, but make my head go in circles. If you get any clues I'd love to hear 'em! I always learn so much from you.