Gifts in Harmony

Here is Simon making use of two new Christmas gifts simultaneously. The easel is from Aunt Jessica, and the paint is from Godfather Paul. The bottle said washable, but these pants would beg to differ.

I swear I did not prompt him to take this Incredible Hulk stance.

I guess he's just a very angry little boy.


Paul said...

oops, I had a feeling that paint was one of those gifts that you're not 'really' supposed to give to children that other people take care of... sorry. Did the dinosaur hatch? Did the lizard grow?

The Tricyclist said...

PAUL!!! I didn't mean to make you feel bad for giving us the paint. It was fun, and next time I'll know that we should strip down to underwear.

Yes, the dinosaur hatched and the lizard grew! It was very exciting for Simon, and probably the first time EVER that he displayed patience. He surprised us by easily grasping the idea that it would take a long time for them to grow. For the two days during that process, he took many cheery little trips to the basement to stare into the bucket with the bloated iguana. Good times.

Now we are working on the peanut plants. They have sprouted. I hope they survive my black thumb.

That package was a super fabuloso box'o'delight. Thank you.