Because I could use a little levity.

One more dino picture, this time with props. I am going to get some wallet-sized prints of this and use them to make the invitations.

Everyone in this house is wiped out. Nate and I went to see my dad for a few hours yesterday. He was sleeping most of the time. He had been sedated earlier in the day for a test that involved swallowing a tube with a camera on the end. The doctors examined his heart and found a tiny hole. This means that a blood clot could have formed at the site of the fracture (ankle) and traveled all the way up to the brain. Without the tiny hole, it would have stopped in the heart, but the hole would've allowed it to pass over and continue going north. All of this is theoretical, it doesn't mean that the ankle break and the stroke are related, but it means they could be. I doubt that we'll ever know for sure.

We got home last night and put the boys to bed. A few hours later, Simon was up crying, complaining that his "bones hurt" and feeling terribly hot. We got him back to bed and he was up again shortly. This time he threw up all over himself and his mommy. The rest of the night was full of waking up, moaning, rocking, and tummy rubbing. None of us got much sleep, except for Theo, God bless him.

I hate having a sick child, but every time I pass the children's ward in the hospital, I am painfully thankful that my boys are typically quite healthy.

This post isn't turning out to contain much levity at all, except for that picture. Let's focus on those dinosaurs for a while. They are having a fun time.


Jay M. said...

I was going to write something earlier, but I felt like I just couldn't think of something good enough. Something honest and comforting. I just wanted to give you a hug.

Banana Mama said...

You are the most amazing mom to dress up Simon's dinosaurs for a party and make little presents. When he tells stories later about how his birthday parties were when he was growing up people aren't going to believe him! I can't wait to hear about the Big 4 event after it goes down.

Oliver said...

We're thinking of you and your family. More hugs.