I Have a Theme Song Too

My stomach has given me troubles all my life. I remember being hunched over my desk in grade school, feeling like I was going to pass out from how much my stomach hurt. So imagine how delighted I was when I heard "I.B.S." by Cam'ron, a song all about his stomach troubles.

This is especially relevant right now, because last Friday my stomach pains sent me to the emergency room. I was sure I had appendicitis but I guess it was just my gastritis flaring up really bad, or possibly an ulcer. (Luckily I don't have I.B.S. like Killa Cam. Also, the doctors didn't suspect I was a junkie. Basically the only things that Cam'ron and I seem to have in common is our stomachs that hurt, our love of rap music, and our hatred of 50 Cent/Curtis.) The severe pain I was experiencing on Friday night went away in a few hours, but since then I have been experiencing symptoms that I haven't had since I was a teenager. I saw a doctor about my stomach for the first time ever on Monday, and now I have medicine to take for it. I just started taking it yesterday, and I think it has started to help, but I'm hoping it will continue to improve. They say it can take up to four days to totally kick in.

Here's another song, just because I like it.


Colin Hughes Taylor said...

is IBS irritable bowel syndrome? like Crohn's disease?

Hope you are feeling better pal.

Oliver said...

Message for Laura: Lily just loves her birthday present. She likes to poke at each part individually and tries to tear it apart. She points and gets cross if she can't have it. It is very well made, very lovely.

Angela said...

Ditto what Oliver said about your gift and hang in there. Have you ever seen the commercials for IBS medications? They're have women in mid-rift tops squirming around and holding their bellies and then the announcer's like, "So many women have this horrible thing and no one talks about it. We will. Take our drug."

Angela said...

PS - That doesn't mean you shouldn't take your medicine!!!