My dad is home now.

He'll be getting some in-home nursing and physical therapy.

I have so, so much I could write about the past few days. But it's almost time for the (second) season premier of Lost. And who can concentrate on a cohesive post about stroke recovery when the fate of Benjamin Linus is about to be revealed?

Thank you all for your kind words and well-wishes. I appreciate them very much, more than I can say.

We are still planning to come to Chicago this weekend, to see friends and celebrate a special little girl's birthday. If you live in Chicago and are reading this, I hope we'll see you very soon.


Banana Mama said...

Darn it all. How I wish I still lived in Chicago so I could see you guys. Have a great trip! Also, glad to hear that your dad is home. I'm sure the change of environment will allow him to relax more. I'm sure he'll sleep better and heal faster.

Colin Hughes Taylor said...

yea! See you guys on Sunday for some birthday-riffic awesomeness.
I'm excited to show you guys our apartment.

Paul said...

Clearly much of yr trip to chicago has meant, to me, a great deal of whopping up frenzy to aquantances and strangers the fact that nate's gonna be playing music, but I cant wait to see you and the boys and I wanted you to know that.
Yr recent posts mean a lot to me to in that I've felt much of the same mystery, fear and 'dealing' towards my father since he was diagnosed with parkinsons, but his was without a frightening dramatic moment (it was just a serious of tests on a mumbling man for me with a final red arrow pointing to a vaguely understood word). Its scary and hard and we should talk. Its hard to type much more because all the question marks dont translate well, but know that my thoughts are still with you and yr family *and yr mother, and you working through it with yr mother*.
Its hard to see our fathers and all the things they meant to us become something different than we've understood. It's scary and its part of that pesky y chromosome.
I love you and I cant wait to see you, even though the scheduling looks a fright at the moment!