my kind of town

Our weekend in Chicago had some ups and downs. We were simultaneously happy and sad to be back in the city. We couldn't help but daydream about how to get back, someday, somehow...

I fear we've become the world's most boring visitors; an afternoon spent with friends featured all four of us falling asleep. Sorry guys! Still, while we were awake, it was great to be with friends. GOD, I MISS HAVING FRIENDS.

Nate partied hardy for two nights, making people's feet happy with his DJ grooves late into the night (er, early into the morning, I guess). On Saturday night he even had a reunion with Jitney, and was welcomed back into the scene with cool stares and head nods, the warmest those hipsters know how to get.

While he enjoyed his celebrity status, I was trying to comfort a sick little boy. What I failed to mention about our sleepy visit is that it ended with Simon throwing up into a bowl of orange wedges (the closest thing I could grab when I heard that ominous sound). He was sick the rest of the night, and that is why we had to cut our trip a little short.

We had planned to attend a 1st birthday party this afternoon, in fact it was the impetus for the whole trip. But after Simon's troubles, we thought we should just head home.

All in all, a good trip. If we missed you, sorry. Hopefully we'll catch you next time we're up. Or, you are always welcome to visit us here. Simply name the date, friends.

Here is a picture of the gift we dropped off for Lily, the birthday girl. Just a box of little pretties, a bit of color, shape, and texture for her wall. I hope she'll like it for a while. I know some day she'll be too grown up for such whimsies.

But that's okay. I had fun making it, and I was glad to give it to it to such a sweet little lady.

We're back in Bloomington now, and it feels like home. But I predict I'll still go to bed dreaming of those Chicago streets.

Goodnight, all.


Angela said...

Hartichs - Sorry your weekend ended in vomit. We've put the house of pretties up in Lil's room and it goes quite well. Sorry also that we never called or anything to coordinate plans before you came. See today's LomoyQueso blog entry for long list of whiny excuses. In any case, we hope to make a trip down to Bloomington once Spring makes a debut :)

Oliver said...

I still want those walkie talkies!

The Tricyclist said...

Sorry, Oli! I didn't mean to get your hopes up. But the house fit so perfectly in that box. It was a nasty trick, albeit inadvertant. If it makes you feel any better, those walkie talkies don't work for shit.

Colin Hughes Taylor said...

hey you guys,
Sorry we missed each other this weekend, but being a sick kid is horrible, so I'm glad you got Simon back to safety.

Soon enough though, our paths shall cross. . . :-)

Oliver said...

The house is adorable and yet another example of most excellent crafting skills. I'm glad the walkie talkies suck 'cause now I need not desire them so.

Come back sometime and play chinese chirades with us. It's so much fun.

Colin Hughes Taylor said...

re: the shins lyrics blog meme.

*Martha, who lived in Chicago a few years ago and with whom I shared some love, texted me that lyric on Sunday night while she was at the Shins concert. The various postings are little teases at her :-)

She's quite the woman, so I'm sure she doesn't mind.