Snow Day

It's 7 pm, both of my boys are asleep, I'm watching Gilmore Girls, and eating bon bons. Well, dark chocolate squares, actually.... Ghirardelli's, my favorite.

Simon was supposed to have school this morning, and I was supposed to be the parent volunteer. I got up early and turned on the TV to see if we had school, even though I already knew, just by looking out the window, that it would be cancelled. The scrolling text underneath the local news anchors confirmed it: SNOW DAY! I'm a stay-at-home-mom. Staying at home is what I do every day, so the cancellation should have just meant another day at home alone with my boys. But I guess I'm still under the influence of childhood programming, because a snow day was exciting, invigorating, nearly thrilling. In honor of our snow day we wore sweat pants all day, bumped up the heat, made brownies, watched Nacho Libre, and just generally lazed about. It was fun. It is seriously snowy outside, blowing, drifting like crazy. It's been a long time since I've seen such a snow.

Nate, my third shift manly man, left for work last night and couldn't get back home because of the snow. He stayed at his sister's place all day and will go to work from there tonight. I hope he can get home tomorrow morning, or maybe in the afternoon, after he sleeps. Believe it or not, in this age of constant communication, I have no way to be in touch with him tonight. My phone is broken and his sister doesn't have internet access (I know, right?). Hopefully his sister will let him watch Veronica Mars at 8 pm, and our souls can be connected through our ardent love for television.

Hey, sweetheart, embroidering on the couch tonight won't be the same without your shoulder getting in the way of my needle and thread. Hurry home, baby, but not too fast on those snowy roads.


Colin Hughes Taylor said...

snow days are the absolute best.
I took that song lyric from the song "Snow Day" by Matt Pond PA.
It's an incredibly lovely song, and topical, so I figured it would be impossible for me to Not use it, right?

I hope Nate had a fun adventure night at his sister's.

susan said...

you are MY kind of gal. gilmore girls and nacho libre! AND chocolate. pull up a sled, we have a nor'easter today!
thanks for dropping by my blog! nice to meet you!

Oliver said...

Angela and I are closet TV fiends too. We like Daybreak with Taye Diggs, Lost, Supernatural and then any other shit we find on Alluc.org (IPTV), which is pretty much anything we want. It's such a terribly addictive habit.

I even watch One Life To Live during the day. Sometimes.