Recovery as Roller Coaster

Yesterday was a good day. Long, but good. I was at my parents' house along with my mom and grandma. It's amazing how much easier it is when the work is shared. I helped my dad do his exercises again, which I had been dreading ever since the first time I attempted that task. He was much stronger this time, stayed awake, and gave me hell for making him work so hard. At dinner, he was the most talkative, the most himself that I have seen him since the stroke. I drove back home after dinner, tired but encouraged. After the deep down lows of the previous day, I unexpectedly found my heart's eyes gazing timidly upwards.

Yesterday Nate's mom came over bearing Valentine's gifts for her grandsons. Mere moments before she arrived, Nate and I had engaged in a long discussion regarding Theo's need for new shoes (his little feet keep growing, go figure). We were trying to decide if the best baby shoes ever would fit into our budget. It was quite the back and forth.

Guess what Theo got for Valentine's day??? Right! Beautiful providence.

Simon got this camera, and I'm not sure who is having the most fun with it, him or us. Here are some of his original works to take you into the weekend. Prints available for purchase, contact us for sizes and pricing.


Banana Mama said...

I really dig these Simon pictures. I love the different perspective and the look on Nate's mum's face.

Angela said...

Dude! The Seeleys love Robeez!