Documenting the Daily Battle

As a mother (especially as a mother of two), I have always struggled to balance the demands on my time. At countless moments throughout any given day, I am trying to decide how best to spend my time.
Should I play with my boys?

(love the way they're both crossing their toes)

Should I devote time to housework?

(when the dishes in the dishwasher haven't been put away, dirty dishes have nowhere to go)

Can I rightfully spend some time on myself?

(new workout dvd's, which I requested instead of candy in my Easter basket; latest embroidery project)

From reading I've done and conversations I've had, I believe many mothers put themselves last on the list. Not me. For me, the house comes last. The housework is always there, and somehow it gets done eventually, only to start piling up again. Even though it drives me crazy to have a disheveled house, I'll gladly use my free time (the boys' afternoon rest time, for instance) to do some crafting instead of tackling the growing piles of laundry. Is it laziness or self-preservation? I don't know.

Anyway, this morning, even though the kitchen looked like this...

(witness, every last inch of counter space covered in things that need to be cleaned or put away)

...and the laundry looked like this...


(clean, but not put away)

... the winner of the constant battle for my time was Simon and this new toy, a gift for Easter. I had a marble maze toy when I was young, and Nate did too. What about you?
What a great toy. Watching Simon race his marbles with bated breath was far more gratifying than a clean kitchen could ever be.

There will always be dirty dishes. Four year old boys enthralled by physics? I think not.


Banana Mama said...

It's a wise woman that can notice a fleeting and beautiful moment with her children. Great moments with your kids are like spring flowers. Why the hell would you miss the spring flowers or great moments with your kids to do the dishes? That's crazy! Screw dishes.

P.S. A tip from our house, fewer dishes=fewer dishes to wash. I put half of ours in a box and just get them out when we have a lot of people over.

P.P.S. I can't wait to visit with all of you guys soon and to hear all about the day job. Congrats to your whole family.

Samuel said...

Kitchen looks pretty clean to me.