Hell yeah.

On Monday, Nate had an interview for an office job at Cat. We went shopping for something for him to wear, because his wardrobe is sorely lacking in appropriate office attire. It took us several hours; the world of suit pants and shirts with collar measurements is completely foreign to us. He felt good about the interview, and we thought we'd have to wait at least a week to find out whether he got the job.

We were wrong about that, though. The call came on Friday. He's in!

This job is going to change our lives, and that's no joke. First of all, we're done with third shift, probably forever. More importantly, the salary for this job will double our income. DOUBLE.

The possibility of a job like this is the reason we moved down here. I still miss Chicago like hell, but seeing Nate so happy after that phone call made me think that maybe we're in the right place. We'll finally be able to get off the dole, which has been generously administered by Nate's parents since we were married. They have been the most amazing people to take money from... completely unconditional in their giving, never any strings or judgement, only assistance. They are fantastic, for many reasons. We're going to take them out to dinner soon to thank them for everything.

On his new job, Nate would like to add this:

"I really make cake, you can call me Duncan Hines"
Maybe he'll have to change his moniker from Dow Jones to Duncan Hines.
Send him some congratulations, ya'll.


Colin Hughes Taylor said...

from the warehouse to the penthouse. . . damn, Hartrich, stackin' cheddar like Kraft.

Well done son.

Banana Mama said...

Way to go Nate! I can't imagine what it was like having your days upside down for so long but you did it. Super cool. Congratulations!

MJ Watson said...

ok, so my congrats can in no way compete with those of Mr. Taylor... but seriously, that is f@#*ing spectacular! I could not be happier for you, ALL of you. You definitely deserve this, my man--you are the smartest mutha I know!!

Paul said...

cookin kielbasa in cris
whoda thought normal was like this
pediatrician concerned
cos theo's got that icy wrist