As promised...

... pictures. I am a woman of my word.

Theo has picked up this goofy little smile lately. There's really nothing little about it. As smiles go, it's totally over the top.

I love this picture. Nate thinks it's weird that his eyes aren't showing. He doesn't understand my artistic vision.

Here is Simon at his recital. His efforts shifted between singing the songs along with his class and policing the various sources of noise around him. The boy standing next to him was making Spiderman sound-effects and Simon reminded him of what he was supposed to be singing. At one point, Simon looked at me, sitting in the front row, and I silently mouthed to him, "Good job." Even though I didn't make any actual noise, I was shushed by my son.

He had fun. I think he felt very proud.

Theo is enjoying a lot of finger foods lately. He is messy.

Simon has taken up coloring. He used to be utterly bored by this activity, so it's interesting to me that's he's really taken to it now. Always evolving, these crazy kids...


Today is Simon's last day of school. So it's the last time I can watch mediocre movies on TBS while he's in class and Theo is napping. Today's feature is Up Close and Personal. I'm looking forward to Simon's summer break, even though we don't have any special plans. Summer vacation means less structure to our week, and that's not a bad thing.

Last night I took my first solo bike ride with Simon in the trailer. We went to the library, maybe 2 miles away. I felt okay. I was a little nervous, and there was a hill that absolutely kicked my ass. I moved up that hill at a snail's pace. I seriously think that, given proper knee protection, Theo could have crawled up that hill faster than I rode my bike. Still, I did it. I don't know if I can make the bike my main vehicle, but I am going to try to use it more and more.

Later, gators.

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Bonnie said...

I'm thrilled you're riding more. I'm very proud of you. I've been trying to ride my bike more my dumb arthritis can make it very painful. Also, at almost every intersection I'm haunted by the memory of that stupid woman and her minivan, and how bruised and swollen you were.
But if you can get over it, I can get over it.