He's Strong, He's Fast, He's Everywhere...

He's Theo.

We got an email this morning urging us to blog more often. As I read it, I was trying to figure out what had kept me from writing for the last few weeks. And after some thought, I've decided to blame it on my baby.

Theo has become a serious contender for attention in this house. He still has an extremely pleasant nature, but I don't think I would call him an "easy" baby any more. He climbs too damn much. Mere months ago, I could trust him to go about his baby business as I went about mine. Now he requires nearly constant supervision. Thus, the blog suffers.

Here are a few highlights from the last few weeks, in a convenient list:

- Taking occasional bike rides after dinner, trying to get up the nerve to use my bike as transportation. It's scary, though, since nobody expects bikes on the road around here, and they all drive like bats out of hell. Bad combo. But I still want to try.

-Experimenting with a small grill our neighbors let us borrow. I've made a point of learning to do it myself, instead of relying on Nate. We already fill our quota of traditional gender roles. I didn't want to add the ritual of manly grilling to the list. But we still make some manner of grunting joke every time he goes out to check on the grill.

-Attended Simon's spring program last week. He sang with his class for about 10 minutes, and he did a great job. Moments like that are a perk of motherhood that I didn't anticipate... the overwhelming, face-beaming, heart-singing pride that naturally accompanies such an event. Lovely.

-Nate likes his job. When he gets home at 5, he is awake and happy to see us --- an enormous change from the grumpy, groggy hellos we used to say in the afternoon.

So, a short list. I'll try to be here more often. And maybe some pictures soon. Adios for now.

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