Things Currently Stressing Me Out
-Theo's refusal to nap lately.
-Having to keep the recycling bin and the garbage can on the already-too-small counter, because Theo won't stay out of them.
-Laundry in the hamper, laundry in the dryer, folded laundry waiting to be put away.
-My sister and her family just took a trip to The Creation Museum. She has told me several times how we have to go, Simon would love it, it's so cool, etc. I'm just waiting for the day when I'll have to tell her that I secretly love science and believe in Evolution (I accepted Evolution even when I was a firm Christian; to me there is no inherent conflict between the two. When you take the Bible literally, though, there is conflict indeed). This revalation will not be taken lightly. There will be discussions and accusations. Ugly.

Things Currently Making Me Sad
-My dad had a driving test last week and failed. He needs to be doing a lot more work to be making progress in this area, but he is not motivated. It is hard, because loss of motivation is a direct result of the stroke, but if he isn't pushed to push himself, he'll never drive (or work) again. My mom was especially bummed by all this.
-Not celebrating Theo's first birthday in the place where he was born.

Things Currently Making Me Happy
-Watching Bleak House with my hubby. Not a particularly happy story, but it's always nice to find something new that we enjoy watching together.
-Air conditioning.
-A new walkman for listening to Harry Potter audiobooks from the library.
-Successes in the shop.


letting go

This week Simon is going to a Vacation Bible School at my sister's church. Every morning, for about 3 hours. This is happening because my brother, who lives here in Bloomington (well, Normal, actually) is going to help out at the VBS, and offered to take Simon and bring him back. I accepted the offer because five days of free mornings was too tempting to pass up, and also because I didn't feel like having a conversation about religion with my sister.

This morning as he left, Nate and I were both feeling very nervous, questioning our decision. I know that getting Simon 'saved' is mission critical for my family, and I can imagine the alter calls that will happen during this week of VBS, having been to similar programs myself all throughout my childhood.

Still, I let him go. It was my decision... I guess I'm starting to face the reality that my family are evangelical Christians and that Simon will be exposed to their worldview throughout his life. So why try to keep him away from it now? It's just scary, in a way, to send him out into the world and not be in control of what other people want to teach him.

We might be fielding a lot of interesting questions this week. We'll see.

We had a great day in Chicago on Saturday. For those of you who came out to see us, thank you. For those of you we missed, sorry. We'll catch you next time.

This won't come as a surprise, but, for me, it was still heartbreaking to visit the city but not be a resident. It was especially emotional to spend the afternoon in Palmer Square, eating lunch where Simon spent hundreds of hours running, looking at bugs, drawing on the sidewalks. Those same sidewalks were the ones I walked to get my labor going when I was ready for Theo to arrive. Such memories almost made me cry into the picnic blanket, but being surrounded by old friends kept my spirits up.

It was a nice day, all in all. We need to get up there more. And maybe someday we'll get up there for good.


Hey, guys, did I lose everyone? Has anyone followed me over to the new blog? I know a few people have seen it, but it seems like most everyone else got lost in the shuffle. One last reminder: New blog, created to support my crafting/etsy efforts, is here. Later, dudes.


Another Reason to Ignore the Laundry

Here's the deal, readers. I am packing up and moving this operation to a new location. That's right, it's time for a new blog. Why, you ask? Why would I do such a thing? I'll tell you.

This weekend I accomplished the long-time goal of putting up a shop on Etsy.com. For those of you unfamiliar, it is a great site, a place where people sell their handmade goods. I'll be selling various things in my shop. So far I've got eight items for sale there. Lots of people have looked, no one has yet bought. It's okay, though. It's like Christmas every morning when I go down to the computer to see how many people have looked at my stuff, to see if anyone has called my shop a favorite. It is very fun. I am obsessed. Nate is none too pleased, as I'm always on the computer now. He did help me a lot, though, by making the banner and avatar for the shop and new blog. Thank you, babe. I love them.

Oh, yeah. New blog. Here it is: MaiasauraMade. Let me explain, though, that WuKids is not dead. I will still post here from time to time. MaiasauraMade is for all things crafty, creative, innocuous, safe. I'll use the Grandma test, even though my Grandma doesn't have a computer and will never see either of these blogs. If I want to post about something that I might share with my Grandma, it will go on MaiasauraMade. If I wouldn't want her to read it, it will be posted to WuKids.

The new blog is totally about publicity and marketing. If I can get noticed in the craft blog community, it will undoubtedly spell success for my etsy shop, assuming people don't hate my stuff (I don't think they will). I've been lurking around the craft blogs long enough to understand how it works. If you can get your little internet nose into the circle, people will buy your stuff. So that's why I'm starting the new blog.

Like I said, I want the content to be totally safe... nonthreatening for anyone who might stumble by. So you might notice me adopting a slightly different persona over there... hopefully I won't sound so flaky that you guys need to gag.

One more thing. I won't be linking to friends' blogs on the new blog..... I want to keep the personal separate from the crafting enterprise. Mostly to make it a little harder for my family to stumble across this blog. Most of them still don't know about WuKids, and I'd be happy to keep it that way. So please don't be hurt when I don't post a link to your blog. I still love ya.

Sorry for the super choppy post. This is the fastest post I've ever written. I've been working on etsy stuff all morning, and Simon is begging me to play a game. I am officially scatterbrained. I'll try to make posts on the new blog a little more coherent and thought out. Hop on over there, guys, and tell me what you think.