Hey, guys, did I lose everyone? Has anyone followed me over to the new blog? I know a few people have seen it, but it seems like most everyone else got lost in the shuffle. One last reminder: New blog, created to support my crafting/etsy efforts, is here. Later, dudes.

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Celeste said...

Laura, it's hard not to envy your artistic talent. Especially when you refer to your art work casually as "crafts." You asked me what I think of your prices. I think they are extremely low. However, if you want people such as yourself or myself to be able to afford your work, instead of Sandy in PR, they need to be. I think you should at least add five dollars to the cost of each thing posted. I hate to try to equate the joy of creating and offering something beautiful to the world with dollars, when dollars have such different value from person to person. So; while I think you could EASILY ask for two to three times more than what you've posted, I think the spirit of your work and your take on the world result in the need for affordability for us poor people. But that is because I believe art should be generous. And because your art is such a gift.
Man, I never spend time on the computer. It has never become a habbit. But reading about your days makes me feel much closer to you and inspires me as well. Plus I miss out on really interesting events because I never check my email. That has to change.
Hey- on the weight loss tip, I know what it is to crave sugar and eat a whole pint of icecream at once. I have found that if it's in the house- I will eat it. Don't put your self in a position where you have to choose between junk and healthy. Hmmm, a fudge brownie with chocolate chips or grapes? Let's see who wins. I think you should consider not having it in the house as hard as that may seem. Make sure you have delicious sweet things like peaches or berries if you can. I am a firm believer that if you break the cycle of sugar craving by abstaining from crappy for you sweet things, the cravings become way more manageable. And you can offer yourself through the power of suggestion other things to crave. Focus on wanting something else. Not something unrealistic like replacing chocolate cravings with carrots ( I swear I heard one nutritionist offer that as a sweet replacement) That's absurd. But chocolate yogurt has some nutritious stuff in it vs. chocolate ice cream. Last night I wanted ice cream or something sweet but found that all I needed was a plum. If you are concerned about the boys not having some fun food around, make it fun food that is easier for you to decline. Like animal crackers or other not as tempting for you items. I say try out the "not in the house" rule. Then an ice cream outing can be a rare treat. I really think you'll want it less when it's not around.
All of that aside, when I saw you recently you looked gorgeous. I have always thought you have a beautiful body. And I don't need to remind you I like the ladies, so what I'm saying is I've always thought you were hot. I offer the sugar tips because it's important to feel good about yourself.
On a related tip you need to spend much time masturbating, if not already. That kind loving your body helps out tremendously. Plus, it's fun for me to imagine.