Things Currently Stressing Me Out
-Theo's refusal to nap lately.
-Having to keep the recycling bin and the garbage can on the already-too-small counter, because Theo won't stay out of them.
-Laundry in the hamper, laundry in the dryer, folded laundry waiting to be put away.
-My sister and her family just took a trip to The Creation Museum. She has told me several times how we have to go, Simon would love it, it's so cool, etc. I'm just waiting for the day when I'll have to tell her that I secretly love science and believe in Evolution (I accepted Evolution even when I was a firm Christian; to me there is no inherent conflict between the two. When you take the Bible literally, though, there is conflict indeed). This revalation will not be taken lightly. There will be discussions and accusations. Ugly.

Things Currently Making Me Sad
-My dad had a driving test last week and failed. He needs to be doing a lot more work to be making progress in this area, but he is not motivated. It is hard, because loss of motivation is a direct result of the stroke, but if he isn't pushed to push himself, he'll never drive (or work) again. My mom was especially bummed by all this.
-Not celebrating Theo's first birthday in the place where he was born.

Things Currently Making Me Happy
-Watching Bleak House with my hubby. Not a particularly happy story, but it's always nice to find something new that we enjoy watching together.
-Air conditioning.
-A new walkman for listening to Harry Potter audiobooks from the library.
-Successes in the shop.


Colin said...

the Creation Museum. . .ouch.

Colin said...

PS-- not to be flip, but doesn't your sister have a hunch that you're not a fundie since you married Nate's heathen ass?

Bonnie said...

About a month ago the local Baptist pastor stopped by our house. He was making small talk and when I heard him ask Travis if he taught evolution I knew I needed to get downstairs and help my hubby out. When I heard the preacher ask about salvation I knew I needed to hurry, and when I heard him mention purgatory I flew. (Trav was never trained in apologetics like I was.) So I played the game with him, quoting Scripture and sharing my testimony, assuring him that I am confident of my salvation. He left feeling better, as he put it.
We never returned to the subject of evolution, which is probably good. I don't think he'd like us explaining that the Roman Catholic Church saw nothing wrong with it and neither do we.

The Tricyclist said...

well, i think she does have an inkling... but you have to remember, she thinks i married him under (pregnant) duress. plus i think it would shock her to know just how exactly opposite all of our beliefs are from hers. she knows we're different, but the degree is still an unknown.

The Tricyclist said...

Bonnie --- you are good to come to Travis' rescue. Once we got a housecall from some Jehovah's Witnesses. Nate opened the door and when I heard what was going on I practically climbed into the kitchen cabinet to avoid joining the conversation. This is what I'm always telling you... you are such a good wife. Me? Eh. It's debatable.

Celeste said...

I noticed no response to my last response. Too much? Also, how do I get to your new site? Not the store but the other blog.
I love that Simon went to bible school. I didn't know they read Nitsche to children at church. I love you.

Oliver said...

I remember just before my wedding I sent a carefully worded letter to the pastor doing my wedding. I told him I was an atheist and so were all my family and guests, and so could he kindly cater to that audience during the ceremony, thank you very much.

I think he did a fine job. An excellent job in fact. He was the devoured by a reincarnated Jesus in the form of a dinosaur.

Dow Jones said...